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A postgraduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lancaster University. Gaining proficiency in teambuilding, leadership skills and an ability to work independently through his degree. Interest into the world of technology developed during my Robot Project at university where I led a team to design and build a fully automated robot car. The project required the use of a variety of engineering tools, using 3D CAD software as well as Arduino microcontrollers. By handling the programming aspect of the project, this allowed me to develop a basic understanding of C++ and the variety of ways it can be used.

Known to be able to employ conceptual and investigative thinking, combined with a careful approach to managing workloads. This is proven when I completed both his Linking Project with CoolVan alongside his Individual Project where he designed and built a test rig to test for the thermal properties of insulating materials and a method of analysis to conduct compressive and tensile simulations on biomaterials. Looking to secure employment where he can utilise his eye for detail, problem solving and analytical skills, in a practical environment.


University of Lancaster

MSc in Mechanical Engineering. Pass

Key Modules include:

Design and Modelling of Systems, Renewable Energy, Mechanics and Actuators, Intelligent System Control, Advanced CAD/CAM, Linking Project and Dissertation.

University of Lancaster

BEng(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering. 2:2


Key Modules include:

Final year project, Engineering Management, Mechanics and Vibrations and Design and Manufacturing.


  • Coding

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    • American Football​

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